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Intriduce(™) by Rogers DIGITAL is our inhouse global business marketing division.

Are you a business operator with interests in retail, food & dining, health & wellness, hospitality, entertainment or experiences?

Introducing "INTRIDUCE" harnessing the proven and effective brand building and marketing service operated for over 11 years by

As a global publisher of online products including,, and, we created "Intriduce" to deliver a business builder to leverage the worldwide reach of our news, magazine and eCommerce websites.

Intriduce reaches consumers through the use of professionally crafted copy created by journalists and publicists to introduce businesses and their products or services to a wider audience of keen to try consumers.

With our own sixteen websites and media business divisions, we use content placement ti showcase our clients and their brands through a mixture of first class copy and publicity. We use news stories, magazine features and eCommerce marketing on our wholly owned websites.

Intriduce, by RogersDIGITAL also places brand building content on third party controlled major media sites when required for a specific campaign. As publicists, we partner with other PR firms from around the globe to extend reach when needed.

Does your business suffer from "Relevance Deficit Disorder"?

Intriduce can assist with the treatment of irrelevance !

What is relevance deficit disorder? A business has RDD, when it has high quality smart people, great products and first class services that in a fair world should be in high demand.

If you are responsible for running a restaurant, a shop, a health spa or travel experience and you have noticed that the opposition is getting attention, then you have RDD. The cure is "Intriduce" by RogersDigital.

Our specialist treatment for RDD will include some or all of these practices.

Web building.

Fixing your website so that Google and the public like it.


Creating better content to interest more viewers.

Publicity and Public Relations

We will introduce you to new people who will be interested in your products and services.

Business Brand Development

We will devise, write and publish news articles and magazine features that showcase you in all the right places.

Social Media Buzz

RDD can be cured with a well run social media exploitation campaign. Be the one people are talking about among their friends and family.

Content Marketing

Feature in other people's websites and articles. Be the one referred to in industry publications or guides that the public love to read. Media placement is the number one treatment for RDD.

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